LOCUSTby Iskandar Salim, Shiella Witanto

"The past bloody tragedy shall be repeated."

HATI NAMMOby Bryan Arfiandy, Subhan Asra, Josheniel, Dai R

"After years of shunning the world, fate threatens to allure Budi back-- by way of badminton."

TOKO PERMEN HELIANTHUSby Fauziapaw, Subhan Asra, Dita

"After years of being closed, the candy shop is now open again!"

DJ’INNby Aland B, DRD, Lynnete, Dimar P

"Inheriting a ghost hotel isn't what I signed up for! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!"

FLUFFY TUMMYby Bima Eko Saputra, Yachi_chan, Dimar P

"One cat-hating employee versus one chonky cat. Who will 'win'?"

KELAS NERAKAby G. Larope, Rendi D, Elan W, Artist: Getup Pro (S1), 9_O_CHEESE (S2)

"The class from hell is in session!"

GANDAby Nikki Dibya W, Linka, Rendi D

"We, the Night Defenders will protect the campus from Jinn's attack!"

TAKHTAby Kathrinna Rakhmavika, Kello Rayder, Dimar P

"200 students. One remote island. The mission: to survive. The key: Waru, an intruder among them."

KELUARGA RUKUNby Laun Joshi, Rendi D, Bima E, Fauziapaw, Inan


BURONby Aji Prasetyo, Kriswantowhy

"A humane tale of men in the dark times of the regime."

505 NIGHT CLASSby Nikki Dibya W, Hafiz Syah Putra, Daniel Rezadilla, Elan W

"How far are you willing to go for your work?"

PELURUby Yusuf Rizaldi, Ogi Geko, Dimar P

"The old civilization is dead. Welcome the wild, wacky age."

CODE HELIXby Nikki Dibya W, Bryan Arfiandy, Rendi D

"All of your information is in my hands."

ROMANCE PUNCHby G. Larope, Kharisma, Aland B

"Believe me - I'm allergic to violence."